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Check and Pay Traffic Fines and Taxes

You can now check and pay traffic fines, taxes and penalties in just a few clicks using Citibank Online, fee-free.

Check and pay traffic fines

You already know about the fine.

This means that you already have a unique reference number (UIN) and can pay the fine online.

To do this:

  • Go to «Payments & Transfers».
  • Click «Traffic Fines and Taxes».
  • Select «Check and Pay Traffic Fines» → «Pay Using Bill Index (UIN)».
Check and pay taxes and penalties assessed by the Federal Tax Service

You already have a tax demand notice in the mail and know the unique reference number (UIN).

To pay the tax(es):

  • Go to «Payments & Transfers» → «Traffic Fines and Taxes».
  • Select «Check and Pay Taxes and Penalties (Federal Tax Service)» → «Pay Using Bill Index (UIN)».

You know that you have committed a traffic violation but are unsure of whether you have been caught by a roadside camera.

Check if you have unpaid fines:

  • Go to «Payments & Transfers» → Traffic Fines and Taxes.
  • Select «Check and Pay Traffic Fines» → «Check Fines».

You can then search by your drivers license number or vehicle registration certificate number.

We recommendthat you search by both these numbers, as fines can be linked to either of them.

You want to make sure that you have no outstanding taxes.

  • Go to «Check and Pay Taxes and Penalties (Federal Tax Service)».
  • Click «Check Taxes».

You can then search by your passport number or INN number.

We recommendthat you search by both these numbers, as taxes can be linked to either of them.

Please note that you can only use your INN number or passport number to search for overdue taxes. Taxes that are not past due can be paid by you using the bill reference number/index (UIN) provided in your tax demand notice.

Getting started

Before you can start using Citibank Online, you need to complete a short registration process, which includes setting up your user ID and password which can then also be used to access Citi Mobile®.

Your Citibank card is all you need to get registered.

What’s new?

Check and pay traffic fines and taxes

You can now check and pay traffic fines and taxes and penalties in just a few clicks using Citibank Online. To do this, go to «Payments & Transfers» and choose «Traffic Fines and Taxes».

Longer retention of e-statements and e-advices in Citibank Online

You can now view and download your e-statements as far back as seven years and e-advices (e.g., account opening, inactive account, time deposit placement/termination, etc.) as far back as three years. Your e-statements and e-advices are available under the "Products & Services" tab.

Inactive account activation

You can now use Citibank Online not only to link your card to an account, but also to activate your inactive account. To do this, just click on the link «Inactive account. Click here to activate it.» next to the account on the «My Citi» page. Please note that for your security an account becomes inactive if you have not used it for more than 360 days. To be able to use the account again, e.g., link a card or make a transfer, you will need to activate it.

Same card — more currencies

You could always save on foreign exchange fees while travelling, by linking your debit card to your RUB, USD or EUR account via Citibank Online. Now you can link your card to any of your ten currency accounts1, both via Citibank Online and Citi Mobile.

1 RUB Russian ruble, USD US dollar, EUR euro, GBP pound sterling, CHF Swiss franc, JPY Japanese yen, ZAR South African rand, SGD Singapore dollar, NZD New Zealand dollar, AUD Australian dollar.


We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that your Citibank® Online experience is safe, and your accounts and personal data are secure. Our security features are built on the latest technologies and processes.

Level 1Strong cryptography
Level 2You yourself choose your user ID and password, which guarantees full data confidentiality
Level 3Most key functions are additionally protected by a one-time password texted to your mobile phone number


  • Date and time of last login
  • Every time you sign on to Citibank Online, you see the date and time of your last login shown under the main menu.
  • Masking account numbers
  • Automatic time-out
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* Available to qualified investors only. Foreign securities that have not been admitted to public placement and/or public circulation in Russia, as well as foreign financial instruments that have not been recognized as securities, may not be offered to an unlimited number of investors or to non-qualified investors and may only be bought by and/or sold to qualified investors under Russian law (Federal Law «On Securities Market», No. 39-FZ of April 22, 1996). Investment products are not insured by any government agencies, are not bank deposits or guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. Past performance is not indicative of future returns, and the value of mutual funds may go down as well as up. Investments in foreign currency are subject to currency risk which may result in value depreciation, in part or in whole.