Convert between ten available currencies at a favorable rate right now!

Tired of looking for better ways to exchange currency? Now is your chance to exploit the unique technological possibilities of our FX Live Rates. Buy and sell at favorable rates, monitor rates online, or set your own target rate and we will automatically execute your FX order when the market rate matches your target rate. Citi’s FX Live Rates has earned itself an excellent reputation across Asia and Europe and is unparalleled in Russia.

FX Live rates

FX Live Rates allows you to use the most recent FX rates without any delay. Conversion via Citibank® Online and Citi Mobile® will take place instantly, regardless of the time of day or night or the purchased currency. The exchange rate will always be in line with price movements in the interbank foreign exchange market.

  • Сurrent accounts in ten currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, AUD, NZD, SGD, ZAR*
  • Direct exchange rates for 45 currency pairs when transferring between current accounts
  • 24/7 instant account crediting
  • Real-time exchange rates updates 24 hours a day**
  • No additional fees or hidden charges due to the absence of cross rates***
  • Special rates for large FX orders
  • Available in Citibank Online and Citi Mobile

Currency conversion and diversification of your currency portfolio

You can now open current accounts in ten currencies and convert your funds for the purpose of international wire transfer or portfolio diversification. When exchanging one currency for another, we use direct exchange rates quoted in the global FX market in real time, which allows us to avoid charging for double conversion.

Keep up-to-date with the most recent foreign exchange rates on our main page at by following the link on the top toolbar:

Try FX Live Rates right now and learn how you can benefit depending on your transaction amount!

Currency exchange in Citibank Online

Go to “Foreign exchange” under “Savings & Investments”.
Select the base currency and enter the amount you wish to convert, then press “REFRESH”.
Select the alternate currency and press “BUY/SELL”. Please note that the page with indicative rates is refreshed every 90 seconds.
Provide transaction details: source account and destination account, debit or credit amount, and press “NEXT”.
Make sure your transaction details are correct, enter your Citibank Online sign-on password and press “CONFIRM”.

* RUB – Russian ruble, USD – US dollar, EUR – euro, GBP – pound sterling, CHF – Swiss franc, JPY – Japanese yen, ZAR – SA rand, SGD – Singapore dollar, NZD – New Zealand dollar, AUD – Australian dollar.

**Quotes are updated in real time Monday through Friday and are fixed for Saturday and Sunday at the level of the latest FX market rate update on Friday night. Dynamic update of quotes usually begins early Monday morning. Dynamic update of quotes is always determined by the current market situation, schedule of public holidays, and operating hours, including those of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. Citibank reserves the right not to update quotes if this is not possible due to technical reasons or other circumstances beyond its control.

*** Citibank’s exchange rate includes a fee depending on the amount to be converted, the date and time of the transaction and your bank service package. Exchange rates in Citibank Online® may differ from those available via Citibank branches, CitiPhone or Interactive Voice Response System.