Automatic Phone Banking System (IVR)

IVR — Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response system menu layout

This state-of-the-art system will offer you a higher level of confidential banking by phone and enable you to carry our required bank transactions on your own by means of telephone keys.

In order to be able to use services of the Automatic Phone Banking System, make sure that your phone has been switched over to the tone mode.

In case you face any difficulties with the system, you always have an opportunity to switch to a Citiphone banker by pressing "0" button. CitiPhone banker will answer all the questions and give all kind of necessary clarification.

Automatic Phone Banking System allows using following functionalities:

  • Card activation
  • Balance inquiry and transaction details review
  • The last 15 transaction details review on accounts
  • Credit card outstanding balance, available balance, minimum payment amount and due date inquiry
  • Personal Loan outstanding amount and upcoming payments
  • Credit Card outstanding balance payment
  • Utility / Bill payments
  • Funds Transfers between own accounts
  • RUB Funds Transfers to third party accounts
  • Change a primary current account for Debit Card transactions
  • Change a PIN or TPIN
  • Information on Time Deposits
  • Branches location and working hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a Citibank customer and wishing to pay MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, MGTS or Rostelecom bills, you can do this any time at any place of the world through our Automatic Phone Banking System (IVR).

You will just need to establish corresponding payee through Citibank Online or by calling 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking.

+7 (495) 775-75-75 in Moscow,

+7 (812) 336-75-75 in St.Petersburg,

  8 (800) 700-38-38 for other RF cities

enter your card number and TPIN and connect to a CitiPhone officer by pressing "0". Then you should give the following information to CitiPhone officer:

  • merchant type and
  • 10-digit telephone number you wish to pay - for MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Rostelecom
    10-digit telephone number, apartment number and control key - for MGTS payments.

As soon as your payee is added you will hear it's name in your Automatic Phone Banking System menu. To pay your bills you will need to make the following simple steps:

  • call 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking,
  • press "4" for English and then press "1" twice, enter your card number and TPIN,
  • press "2" for transfers and then "3" for utility bill payments,
  • choose merchant,
  • choose account for payment and input amount,
  • confirm payment.

* in case of no active payees in your profile, your call will be transferred to a CitiPhone officer.

The system automatically validates payment details. Should you make a mistake while inputting details of payment, you will hear an error message and the payment won't be affected.

MTS, Beeline and MegaFon payments are on-line, while MGTS and Rostelecom payments can take up to 3 working days.

If you plan to carry out regular transfers in RF rubles to third parties by means of the Automatic Phone Banking System, you will need to establish a payment order first through a CitiPhone officer, indicating the following transaction details:

  • Beneficiary Bank.
  • Bank Identification Code (BIÑ) of the Beneficiary Bank.
  • Correspondent Account of the Beneficiary Bank.
  • Receiver's account number.
  • Receiver's name;
  • Payment details (purpose).

As soon as your instruction for this payment has been established, you need to select the option «Transfers in Favor of Third Parties» in the menu of the Automatic Phone Banking System in order to have your payment carried out. Next, following instructions that you will hear, it will be necessary to select the formerly established instruction and to specify the amount of payment. The payment instruction has to be established only once, and it will be effective until you cancel it.

You can carry out such transactions through the Automatic Phone Banking System without establishing any prior instructions. Having accepted a payment, Citibank will issue a confirmation number of this payment to you. Please, make sure you write the confirmation number down and keep it for 12 months. A payment carried out in this manner will be credited to the receiver's account no later than on the next business day.

Guided by your requests, AO Citibank will establish an instruction for carrying out payments of a particular amount of your choice on specific days of the month in favor of a designated receiver. You will no longer need to call the bank every month – AO Citibank will carry out the required amount automatically. Information about the effected payment will appear on your account statement.

Any instruction for this kind of payment may be changed from your side at any time via 24-Hour CitiPhone Banking or Citibank Online. The only thing that you need to take care of is to maintain a balance in the account, sufficient to cover the transaction in question.

Limit Daily limit
Transfers between own accounts no
Transfer to another beneficiary in Citibank 315 000 RUB
472 500 RUB – for Citigold clients
Transfers to another beneficiary in Russia and bill payment 63 000 ðóáëåé RUB

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