Payments and Transfers

What you can do

You can make the following payments and transfers:

  • Payments for goods and services using your card
  • Transfers between your Citibank accounts (including currency conversion)
  • Transfers to third party accounts
  • Bill payments

You can conduct your banking business via CitiPhone IVR or Citibank® Online (available 24/7), or by calling CitiPhone bankers during their working hours, from wherever you are in the world.

Cash Withdrawal

You can make cash withdrawals at ATMs. Withdrawals at Citibank ATMs in Russia are free of charge. CitiOne and Citigold customers can make fee-free withdrawals at Citi ATMs abroad. For our ATM and branch locations in Russia, please refer to �Branches and ATMs�.

Payments for Goods and Services

You can use your card to pay for purchases in Russia or abroad.

Fees for other types of transactions are set out in our Tariffs.

Funds Transfers

To make a transfer between own accounts, you need to provide your source and destination account numbers.

To make a transfer to a third party account or to your non-Citibank account, you need to provide the following details:

For RUB transfers:

  • Beneficiary bank
  • Beneficiary bank�s bank identifier code (BIK)
  • Beneficiary bank�s correspondent account
  • Beneficiary�s account number
  • Name of beneficiary
  • Payment details (purpose, account number, etc.)

Please familiarize yourself with the Rules for the Acceptance, Execution, Revocation, Return/Cancellation of Instructions/Orders. Russian currency control regulations require the bank to check funds transfers between Russian residents and non-residents. Make sure to specify the purpose of the transaction (i.e., what exactly the payment is for), provide the description of the goods or services paid for, the number and date of the contract or commercial documents, and other necessary details, in the purpose of payment field.

For FCY transfers:

  • Beneficiary’s name;
  • Beneficiary’s account number;
  • Beneficiary’s bank name;
  • SWIFT/Sort Code for UK banks/ABA Routing Number for US banks;
  • IBAN (for EU, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and others);
  • Correspondent bank (if known);
  • Purpose of payment explaining the nature of the transaction.

Several simple rules:

  • According to the currency control legislation of the Russian Federation, the bank checks all foreign currency transactions of residents.
    Requests submitted in Citibank® Online/CitiPhone® on a working day before 4.00 PM Moscow time, are processed on the same day, submitted after 4.00 PM Moscow time — on the next business day.
  • Resident’s FCY transfers within Russia are possible only between close relatives (please be ready to provide relevant documents).
  • The maximum amount to be transfer from the resident’s account of Citibank client in favor of other individual residents’ accounts abroad should not exceed the equivalent of 5 000 USD per working day. The exception is the transfer between close relatives (relevant documents should be provided as confirmation).
    Supporting documents explaining the nature of the transaction should be provided in the following cases (please add reference to these documents to the «Payment details» field — document number and date):
    • The amount of the payment in favor of non-resident exceed equivalent of 20 000 USD;
    • The payment is related to a loan: granting/ obtaining /repayment;
    • Investment transaction;
    • Purchase/sale of real estate;
    • Payment for third parties (for children education, for accommodation).
  • Correspondent banks might apply additional charges. The sender can state that the charges should be taken from sender’s account — in the field «Correspondent bank’s charges».
  • In Citibank® Online the fee for the transfer is less than in Citiphone or branch! The form in CBOL is not an ideal one, but the instruction will help (section Services 24/7). No time to read the whole instruction? Then just one piece of advice: do not use Cyrillic and the following characters (the system will not process your request if you do):

















A special offer for Citibank credit card holders

We offer you transfers from your credit card account to a non-Citibank account in Russia.


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