Debt repayment via mail transfer
How to do it?

Debt repayment via mail transfer - a new offer for Citibank clients

Anywhere in Russia: In any office of the Russian Post!

Free: Without post commission for transfer

Conveniently: You don't have to come to bank's office

Simply: With a standard form of mail transfer

New offer gives an opportunity to make a debt repayment in any place where there is an office of the Russian Post - beside your home, job, country house. Or, for instance, if you are on a business trip in other Russian city. Now it is not necessary to come to Citibank's office. It means that this new offer save your time.

Besides you save your money, as mail transfer commission is fully paid by Citibank and accounts for 0%. It is very easy to transfer the necessary sum of money. To send a postal order, please visit any Post of Russia office.

1. Learn the amount of your debt and the deadline of debt repayment.

You can learn the amount of your debt, the amount of the minimum monthly payment (if you have a credit card) or the amount of your monthly payment (if you have secured a Citibank loan) and due date from your monthly credit card statement (if you have a credit card), monthly payment statement (if you have a credit), via Citibank Online, or by calling a CitiPhone specialist.

2. Learn your 20-digit account number where you transfer your money

If you have a Citibank credit card:

The account number of the credit card where you transfer a certain sum of money to repay your debt you can find in a monthly credit card statement. This account is indicated in the front page of the statement, in the last line (in the frame). Besides you can call to CitiPhone or in the electronic statement through Citibank Online

If you have a Citibank loan:

The number of you current account in Rubles you can learn calling CitiPhone or through Citibank Online or through Citibank's ATMs

Attention! The number that is indicated on your credit card (16 digits) is not the account number where the money is transferred.

3. It is not necessary for you to go personally to the post office

The payment can be made by your authorized person.

Placing the transferred money to the account usually takes 5 working days. To avoid the very possibility of being fined you should transfer the necessary sum of money 5 days before the deadline of debt repayment.

Hold on to your postal order receipt! If the amount is not posted to your Citibank account, contact the post office concerned and present your receipt.

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