Your statement is ready.

An eStatement

is your account and credit card statement available as a PDF file. It contains the same information as a paper statement.

You can get your eStatement in one of the following two ways:

Download it in Citibank Online

We’ll send you a text and/or e-mail notification when your statement is ready.

Receive it by e-mail

We’ll send your statement as a PDF e-mail attachment. The statement will be securely protected by a password that you set up in Citibank Online yourself.

Benefits of eStatements


eStatements are delivered consistently on time.


No need to keep your paper statements. If necessary, you can download any of your statements for the last 7 years in Citibank Online. Credit card holders also receive mini-statements on their mobile phones containing the most important information, such as total outstanding balance, minimum payment, and due date.


You’ll get your statement even while travelling.


Only you can view a statement received as an e-mail attachment — it’s securely protected by a password that you set up yourself. And in order to download your statement in Citibank Online, you need to sign on and enter the one-time password texted to your mobile phone.

Our eStatement service is free for all Citibank customers.

Please note that once you are enrolled for our eStatement service, you will no longer be receiving paper statements. However, you can always obtain a paper statement for any period by pre-ordering it via Citibank Online"Service center — Write to us — Order document/send request", CitiPhone or Citibank branch.

How to enroll for eStatements?

It’s easy. Sign on to Citibank Online and go to "Products & Services" → "Enroll/Change/Cancel eStatement".


How can I find out that my eStatement is ready?

We’ll send you a text and/or e-mail notification when your statement is ready.

What is a credit card mini-statement?

It’s a message texted to your mobile phone containing details of your total outstanding balance, minimum payment, and due date.

If I enroll for eStatements, will I still be receiving paper statements in my Post of Russia mail?

No, you’ll only be receiving eStatements. If you need a stamped paper statement (e.g., for visa application), order it in Citibank Online under "Service Center" → "Write to Us". You can receive the statement in your Post of Russia mail or pick it up at a Citibank branch.

How can I change the e-mail address my eStatements/eStatement notifications are sent to?

You need to update your e-mail address in Citibank Online under "My Profile" → "Contact Information".

I’m a supplementary card holder. Can I receive eStatements?

No, only primary card holders receive electronic or paper statements.

I’ve subscribed to / unsubscribed from eStatements. When will I start receiving statements by e-mail / in my Post of Russia mail?

The changes will apply starting from your next statement date — credit card statements are generated monthly, and account statements are generated quarterly.

I forgot my password for secure e-mail attachments. What do I do?

Set up a new password for your e-statements in Citibank Online under "Products & Services" → "Enroll/Change/Cancel eStatement", and use it to open all your subsequent statements received as e-mail attachments. Your current statement can be downloaded via Citibank Online.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, ask your question via Citibank Online.